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Haicheng haiming mining co., LTD. Is jointly invested and established by shandong chenming paper group and liaoning beihai industrial group on November 6, 2012. The registered capital of the company is 240 million RMB. As a large-scale comprehensive project integrating mining and deep processing of magnesite, heming mining is one of the key projects supervised by liaoning provincial government.

  • Caustic calcined magnesia
  • Fused magnesite
  • High purity magnesia
The company has invested 107.3695 million yuan to build a concentrator workshop, which USES foreign high-end equipment to select the low-grade ore in the mine. Through the process of crushing and screening, grinding, grading, sorting, dewatering, and tailing dewatering, the company will float the ore to the high-grade magnesite concentrate and prepare the subsequent work for the roasting process.
Elected after beneficiation workshop in mines, concentrate 15% moisture content, granularity - 200 eyes (70%), after initial dry hot flue gas calcined into multi-layer furnace, later period of the light burning powder after cooling to below 100 ℃